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Adeline in Italy (16 December 2014)

staff helped her to solve practical problems. She found an apartment through the Facebook group Erasmus Torino and she began to discover the city thanks to many Erasmus groups like "studenti francesi ... Adeline was an Erasmus student in Turin from september to december 2014. Follow her story! ... turin, italie, erasmus, interview, adeline

Erasmus students (02 September 2016)

If you would like to come to Bordeaux for your Erasmus exchange : Erasmus registrations If you would like to make an Erasmus exchange : Procedures ... For the students coming to Bordeaux for an Erasmus exchange. ... Erasmus students

Erasmus students (09 February 2018)

Welcome to all our Erasmus students for the semester or year you will spend with us! ... Erasmus students

First experience abroad (24 July 2015)

Being an Erasmus student is a truly unique experience!

Interviews (03 October 2016)

Every year IAE Bordeaux students go abroad for their Erasmus or internship. Take a look at their interviews to know more about their story and the places they went to!

New international Identity (03 November 2014)

abroad as an Erasmus student! Find out more on the IAE Bordeaux website in French.

Melissa in Tallinn (19 June 2015)

. To find a place to live, it’s by Facebook that everything had started. Melissa made an announcement on the group called “Erasmus Tallinn Accommodation”. After, Melissa had sympathized with an Italian

International Day IAE : welcome ! (11 September 2017)

of the day Speech of Régine BRIANT, cultural project Explanations on registration process and payment 15th september M1 EBA > 9 :00 MBA > 10 :30 M2 IBM > 14 :00 Erasmus : registration 18th